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Fall is coming.

The Fall 2012 Louis Vuitton Ad Campaign is here. It's stunning - exploding all over the blog-o-sphere. Although, I first stumbled upon it while flipping through my best friend's September issue of Vogue. 

Fall 2012 Louis Vuitton Ad Campaign via Style by Red

Fall 2012 Louis Vuitton Ad Campaign via Fashion Gone Rogue

Legendary fashion photographer Steven Meisel shot this campaign with models Mackenzie Drazan, Marie Piovesan, Franzsika Mueller, Julia Nobis, Ros Georgiou, Marina Heiden and Elena Bartels. Meisel is beyond clever setting up these images of these beautiful models clad in the finest of luxury. It's no doubt a tongue in cheek ode to Daumier's Third Class Carriage - a beautiful painting of the less fortunate working class on their evening commute. The compositions are strikingly similar as the disparities between the social statuses of the women in each image. 

Honore Daumier, Third Class Carriage, ca. 1862-1964, oil on canvas, 25 3/4 x 35 1/2 in. H.O. Havemeyer Collection, Bequest of Mrs. H. O. Havemeyer, 1929 to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City. Currently on view in Gallery 802.

This painting was made by an artist who was well known for his political caricatures in the Parisian journal 
Le Charivari, in a time of social and political upheaval in France. Plenty of correlations can be made with the economic status of France at the time and that of the United States. There were few extremely wealthy people with a great deal of power and a lot of working class people with little power and wealth. 

Do you think Steven Meisel is making a statement about our Society? Or is it just Smoke & Mirrors?


P.S. - A little known fact: Daumier began his career as a caricaturist who mocked the regime of the French King Louis Philippe. He often drew him as a poire (french word for "pear", slang for "fathead"). Aren't those LV hats huge? 

Louis Philippe by Daumier via L'Historie Par L'Image

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