Your Sidekick - The Side-Braid

Sometimes in the summer you need to tuck away your hair. It gets really humid and hot - and then you just need it out of your face! Besides, sometimes I take my very adorable The Londoner bike for a ride and I can't be bothered with a wayward fringe. Here's what I do - I basically braid my hair into the side of my head and then pin it all together in the back. You can pin it easily by rolling your hair into a horizontal twist along the bottom of your head. 

Me with a Sharon Moody painting entitled Great Wave (2011)
Rings (from left): Guess, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Aldo, Vintage, Earings: Betsey Johnson
Nails: "Bubblebath" by OPI and "Afterhours" by Urban Outfitters

Dress: Audrey 3 + 1

Sharon Moody, Mjolnir - To Thy Master!, 2011, oil on panel, 16 x 16 inches

Sharon Moody has been getting a lot of hype recently. (She's gotten mentions on Beautiful/Decay and Flavorwire  & a myriad of other online publications.) Her paintings of comic books are without a single doubt technically stunning. There's a lot more to them - at least on a theoretical level. The artist gives them a new life with her own interpretation of the storyline - as they are displayed to us, seemingly floating on a wall, beyond their entierity. The storyline is jumbled to us as the artist picks her own view of the comic book to show us. Another important bit of information is her comic books appear to be about a quarter of a centimeter smaller than the original. Ceninno Ceninni once wrote in his 15th Century manuscript, Il libro dell'arte, that the highest form of flattery from one artist to another is to copy an artist's work - but - on a smaller scale so as not to magnify their mistakes.